100_3606A JOURNEYMAN ARTIST. That is how John Ferrara describes himself, after sixty years of widely varied work in pastel, watercolor, pencil, and his own unique proprietary techniques.

Within the walls of John’s home studio in Southbridge, MA is where many of his creations come to life. His studio is filled with easels, lighting and photographic equipment, tools of the trade, optical gadgets, and a partial archive of past work. One’s eye is drawn to the faces in the many portraits displayed throughout the space. It is here that the conversation between the artist and his work continues daily, often backed by jazz music and, on cold days, the warm glow from a woodburning stove.

John’s crosstown showroom and workshop spaces give visitors insight into the depth and variety of his works. One is immediately awed by the quantity and diversity in technique, medium and subject on display from floor to ceiling and beyond in these spaces. Once you are compelled into a particular corner and drawn into the individual paintings themselves the artist’s command and dexterity, his unique and unflinching views on the human condition, his imagination and soul are revealed through the many years of his works.  about-1